Thursday, June 14, 2012

My host familie's house

I had the wonderful opportunity to live with a great host family and have my best friend live their too! They have a beautiful three story house. And I love our host family! I got to have four awesome brothers! And great host parents and grandparents. It's soo weird to be home in the United states now and reflecting on my experience! 

The phone that opened the gate to enter the house. I thought it was the coolest thing!

A beautiful closet that Liliya( our host mom) hand painted so beautifully:) This is still in the entry way.

The piano room adjacent to the entry way. There were lots of fun concerts there!

The downstairs bathroom. 

The kitchen table and kitchen next door

another picture of the front door and entry way

The family room

Their awesome blue kitchen!

the faucet that had purified water( we always filled our water bottles up their!)

The stove

The sink

counter with our plates of buckwheat

The fridge

Pantry of food ( you can see honey, oil, dried fruits, spices etc.)

laundry room ( showing rack that dries the clothes)

Washer and sink.

flowers that are always on the window sill

view of the inside of the fridge

The living room upstairs on the second floor

guest room on the first floor

Liliya and Sasha's bathroom

Liliya and Sasha's room

Their closet

Other room on the second floor

the office(messy from their recent move)

Huge room where Ilya and his band practice. complete with a stage.

The stairs that lead to the third story

Dima's room

Dima's room

Zhena's room

computer area

green bathroom on third story

Little bathroom on third story

red bathroom on third story