Sunday, April 15, 2012

My trip to Hungary, Vienna, And Czech Republic

Here are some pictures from my trip:

Some statues in Budapest, Hungary. 
Hungary was beautiful! It was very clean! The weather was super warm and nice! And we spent one day there. We looked at lots of monuments and castles and churches. And just wandered around the area. I didn't end up getting much money out so we mostly just looked around. But this guy from Chicago heard us speaking english and talked to us for quite a while. He was about to start teaching at a new school and decided to take a trip around the world first. 

Some really neat looking ducks in the nearby pond:)
A gigantic castle!
The license plate in Hungary
Artwork at a park

The park
Another of the castle

Downtown Budapest

No big deal. Just a miniature horse in the park!
A super cute and funny old man playing his violin? Or was it a viola?

John, Rachel and I
More scenery
Rachel and I:)

Vienna: We were in Vienna the shortest amount of time. Can I just say I have to go back! I fell in love with it in less than a day. It's super clean! It has very neat architectural buildings and places to see. Also, there's tons of great food. Things to do everywhere and great shopping! I would have stayed longer if I could:)

Carriages were everywhere it was super awesome!
A cute little gelato cart! 
One of the guys who gets payed to dress up like he's from the 1800s!
I don't know what this was. Our tour group was in all Russian so I had no clue what was going on the entire time lol..
Santa! In Vienna haha

Super cool vaulted ceiling! 
Downtown Vienna
A Cathedral we went to called St. Stephens Cathedral. We went into the underground catacombs. It was very interesting. We weren't allowed to take pictures I would have if we were allowed to. Our tour guide had such an interesting accent!
Cute outdoor cafe

The license plate

Prague: We were here for the longest. Our hotel was called hotel golf. It was the nicest of all the hotels we stayed at. It was kinda funny because our room keys had a golf ball attached to them.The breakfasts were super good! We had a full on buffet. And they had delicious hot chocolate! And everyday we would ride the metro into the center and would shop and hang out. It was very fun. Some highlights: The toy museum, cathedrals, souvenir shopping, trying the food and just looking around!

License plate
Musicians performing on a bridge
A crooked building
A mozart store!
These awesome pasterie place!
a funny sign!
chocolately chip frappicino


Pictures from the toy museum!


A man making purses and things by hand with this cool machine!

Hahah weird!
John Lennon wall