Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things that are unique to Mexico!

Here are some fun things about Mexico:

*Fresh squeezed juices everywhere
* I stand out anywhere I go
* My spanish is improving
* Tortillas are a huge staple here
* It's almost always warm and sunny
* My new name is Maria(Mallory is hard to say)
* I can pay for things with coins!
* Soap operas are watched by all
*driving is crazy here
*Running late for things is common here
* People whistle at girls
*I have a wonderful host family
* food has lots of spice

Friday, February 8, 2013

Life in Mexico!

I've been very bad at blogging lately so here's some pictures of what i've been up to:

Daniella, Juan Pablo and Alejandro(my awesome host siblings!)

My jello cake they made me on my birthday!

I got my nails done(although I ruined them after 10 minutes lol)

Here are some pictures from a trip I took to Puebla a few weeks ago:

Me in front of a church 

A double decker bus we rode on!

A view of the city below

More of the city

The teachers and I posing with people that were dressed up for a fundraiser for one of the schools.

Pictures from a cute colorful restaurant we went to:)