Friday, May 4, 2012

More random pictures in Kyiv

Some random military guys


Statues of people outside of the WW2 museum

The adidas soccer ball in the center of Krishotik( and a cute little family:)

Apartment buildings on our way to the school

A view of the village(neighborhood)

The not quite done house two doors down. The stray dogs live in it.

A boat on the Dnipro River

Random picture at Krishotik

A fruit stand

One of our host dad's businesses The lucky fisher

Baklazhana street the street we live on

Our favorite post office!

A cute little house that's painted very nicely in the neighborhood

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Ukraine pictures

Here are some random pictures i've taken lately. I realized recently that I took most of my pictures on my travels and not in Ukraine where I have lived for a few months. So here's a selection of some that i've taken:

A cathedral at Lavra

The brown wooden church our host family goes to

 My host familie's house where i've been living in Ukraine

Another picture

A neat key

A store near the wooden church on our way to school and near our village

Trees are painted white at the bottom of them i'm not sure why?

A random street performer he was a character! I love his beard! And he's playing a very ukrainan instrument.

Another performer. Love his shirt! These are very ukrainian blouses. And they are hand stitched so sadly they are very expensive they are neat though!

A cute little swimming turtle Sorry the picture is very blurry.Saw him at the pet store.

Another swimming turtle!

The trolley bus! Take it everywhere.