Sunday, March 4, 2012

More of the kids!

Ilya is soo cute! He is very funny too he pretends to be random animals and is always making funny noises and sound effects! And he is very helpful! 

Yara: She is soo smart and always knows the answers to everything. Has the most beautiful hair!

Timothoy: Has the funniest facial expressions!! 

Sophia and Mary: They are very good friends:) 
Misha: He's very nice and super funny!

Ilusha and TImothy!

On friday we had an unusually small class size so we decided to combine into one class. Here are some pictures of some of the kids who came. 

Oh Ilusha( he's like one of the cutest kids i've ever met!)And he is soo funny and very smart. And Timothy has the funniest expressions on his face all the time! And in the beginning he knew no english and I have seen soo much improvement already!



Ilusha wore the worst pants to class! They were way too big and would not stop falling down! They reminded me of hip hop gangsta pants lol..

Gosh I already can't think about leaving these kids in a few months:( Too sad!!

More of Timothy:) He is soo polite always says please and thank you even when he doesn't get a prize!

Mary and Sophia. Mary is very kind and always behaves. And Sophia is the baby of the class(She's the youngest) And she is soo cute and such a nice girl too.

Neat hairstyles of the girls in my class!!

Everyday i'm just amazed at the AMAZING hairstyles the girls in my class have. I always wish that I could do them in my hair too. And I always think wow that must have taken forever. 

Yara(she has the most beautiful long thick hair)

Katya(how do they make the braids so perfect?)

Dasha( she told me when I complimented her hair that it's supposed to look like a flower)

Yara( she has such long hair!)

Katya( I just love this sideways braid!)

Yara( I remember on this day she wore such a Ukrainian outfit. Super long socks with a cool pattern, and a cute little skirt that was plaid. She walked into class late and the whole class just stared because she looked soo cute!

Dasha( I love this hairstyle too!)

Random pictures of everything!

The beautiful Kiev, Ukraine temple!

One of our very cute host brothers! His name is Misha and he's 2:) And his favorite thing ever is his collection of cars.
An interesting soup that we soup. A first for me...
The first and last names of all of our students:

L'viv Chocolates! The best chocolate i've ever had in my life!!

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to do temple baptisms and then after Rachel and Hannah and I decided to go to the best chocolate place in town:)

What we ordered:) Looks like a lot but you seriously gotta try it all:)

A close up. I got melted chocolate( well it's called hot chocolate) And ice cream with white chocolate on top. In the picture it looks kinda weird though.

Trying to do a serious picture..Of course I look like i'm on the verge of laughing..

What is she wearing?! Had to get of picture of her yetti coat:)

Look at all the chocolate!! (if you've ever eaten see's candies it doesn't even compare to the amazing chocolates here!)

More chocolate:)

Some gift bags they were selling

One of the signs on the outside of the building

If you're ever in Kiev, Ukraine you should go to this chocolate place!! It's to die for! ( Hopefully I don't end up going to often..)