Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eating in the cafeteria

Everyday all the teachers and I are so very lucky to be fed lunch by the cafeteria:) Here's some pictures of the cafeteria and me eating lunch.

Everyday they put a caldron of soup on the table for us and then they give us a main dish as well.

The Ukrainian bread that they serve as well
My fish and potatoes from today..
My fish after Rachel cut it up to make it look like I ate it lol..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saint Sophia's Cathedral and the metropolitan's house

Yesterday me and a group of the ilp teachers went to Saint Sophia's Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful and I was surprised to hear that there's lots of the original mosaics and paintings from the 11th century. We were unable to photograph anything in the inside because if we did we would ruin the oil paintings and murals.

 Saint Sophia's Cathedral

The bell tower near Saint Sophia's Cathedral

The metropolitan house

A very neat room in the metropolitan house with domed ceilings and very neat painted murals all over!

The men who lived in the metropolitan house

Some very neat chairs from that time period

A fire place that is made up of mosaics

Saint Michael's Cathedral which is a few blocks away from Saint Sophia's Cathedral

More random pictures!

A random guy walking down the sidewalk with his miniature pony! (sorry you can just see the tail). It was soo funny though and random to see!

Rachel and I in front of artwork inside of the Saint Sophia's Cathedral. This art work is made up of thousands of painted eggs. It was made in 2010 by like 70 people. 

Another picture. Soo cool!
Another picture of the artwork. I can't imagine how long that would take and how much patience it would take!
A random police officer on the street. Their uniforms are very interesting. They wear a typical Ukrainian mens hat and an all black uniform. And they only carry a long stick that hangs from their belt and a phone. It's very interesting! And lots of the policeman we have seen look very young! Also notice the neat building too. And the snow all over the ground.
More policemen this time in the metro station. They have very interesting and unique uniforms! Also look at the very neat walls with the very intricate details.
A very cool random building 
A random guy walking outside. He's wearing a very popular hat that tons of men wear here.

More pictures:)

Pictures from a Cafe Rachel and I went to:) We had such a great time! We just wanted some yummy food and hot chocolate. We loved the fact that our waiter could kinda understand english and pointing to items on the menu. And we LOVED that the menu was in english! Hahah except some of the translations from Russian to English were completely wrong!

Eating straight melted chocolate:)

What in the world is "forest berries". That didn't make sense. I think the translation was wrong..

Shards of salmon?? Interesting hahaha..

Foam with vegetables? Did they mean noodles with vegetables? 

Seriously heaven in a glass! Sooo good! It's basically a chocolate bar melted and poured in a glass. Super rich but soo delicious!

Oh hey police!( looking out the window from the cafe). Literally like 8 policemen all together just strolling down the street.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another post!

Rachel and i's names in Russian and also info about us for the parents of our students:

A lion art project I did with the kids. Sorry it's upside down!

Some super pointy mens shoes(it's seriously the style here)

Lots of pictures of the kids also some descriptions about them all!

Ilya: super energetic, pretends he's animals, silly all the time and super sweet! When we were standing in line at the wall he kept trying to hold my hand. When I was teaching he noticed my nail polish and started chipping it off it was funny! And he has beautiful long eyelashes! And his hairstyle is one of a kind! He has a rat tail and one the side he has a design.

His hair

Dasha: has such beautiful hair. Always has a smile on her face. Gets along with everyone! Very outgoing. Participates lots. Always has such cool hairstyles in her hair and wears cute outfits:)She's also in love with this boy named Arsen. They kissed each other in class! 

Arsen: Has the longest eyelashes of anyone I know. Is a real charmer with all the girls in class. Loves gymnastics and leaves class early everyday to go. He is seriously gonna be an olympic gymnast when he is older and I will cheer from my wheelchair! And he wears this cute crocodile sweater lots and they are his favorite animal!

Katya: Knows so much! Is very mature for her age. She is very sweet. One day she told me:" I love you. You're beautiful!" It made me smile. I can always count on her to listen and to respond to questions and know the answers.

Taya: Is very outgoing. Very sweet and nice. Can be naughty at times. Definitely knows what colors of things she likes and doesn't like and wants what she wants. Is very funny too. Smiles all the time. Has cute hairstyles too.

Sophia with brown hair: Has a cute high pitched voice. Knows how to fend for herself around all the boys(especially when they are rude). Is very kind. Loves to participate especially with the songs. 

Ilusha: Such a cutie! Makes the funniest and cutest faces ever. Loves to play around with Ilya. Reminds Rachel and I of Coach Eric Taylor from FNL. He always talks with his lips pursed. Jokes around all the time. Is a cry baby. Has super long beautiful eyelashes. Will run around all the time and is super fast. Is a bit of a troublemaker although we love him!

Yara: Very smart. Has beautiful thick and kinda wavy hair. Is friends with pretty much everyone. Knows all the songs we sing. Knows what she likes to do and doesn't like to do in school. Enjoys the art projects. 

Timothy: Joined school later than everyone. Speaks russian all the time. Doesn't understand that we don't speak russian. Always says thank you is very polite. Super cute kid. Shares his snacks with everyone! He really cares about everyone too. 

Artyom: The runt of the pack. Has such cool bright blonde hair. Doesn't say much. When he says stuff he definitely knows lots. Is nice to everyone. Never causes problems. Is really good friends with Arsen. 

Sophia with blonde hair: The baby. She is 4 years old. The youngest in the class. Has a hard time paying attention. Is super cute. very shy. Knows lots for her age. Has a hard time sitting still. Has her favorite spot on the line.

Misha: Is very funny. Is the grandpa of the group because he acts very mature and also because of the way he holds himself and dresses. He likes to pretend fight with the boys. Makes roaring noises all the time. Is very smart too.

Sasha: very shy. Very sweet to everyone. Doesn't say much. Is very artsy when she makes projects she does such a good job! She often makes things better than I would. Knows lots. Wears her hair in tons of tiny little braids. 

Mary: very shy. Soo nice. Always very polite. Cares lots about everyone. Soo cute. Always trying to help others. Knows tons of the answers. Has an oldest child personality.