Sunday, March 10, 2013


All the time I try to make goals but I especially try to make goals while living abroad. Living in Ukraine and Mexico have been the biggest learning and growing experiences. Something that has helped me is making goals and accomplishing them.

Since my time is quickly ending here I want to make more goals. Here are some of my new goals that I hope to accomplish:

1. To try new things. Everyday try something new and go out of my comfort zone. Whether talking with more people in spanish or trying a new food.

2. Live everyday to the fullest. Change up my daily routine. Do something fun everyday, spend time with friends do fun things.

3. Continue to grow spiritually. Read scriptures everyday, continue to have group fhe, try to be even better everyday.

4. Take lots of pictures. Take at least one picture everyday to represent that day.

5. Smile and be happy. Think of great things in everyday and smile and enjoy every moment. Laugh at things that are difficult or annoying.

These are my goals. I want to really try and make them happen. I strongly believe that making goals and accomplishing them makes you and even better person and makes your life experiences that much better!

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