Monday, April 8, 2013


Some thoughts today about goals. With the other teachers in my group today we were talking about goals we made for ourselves individually when we first arrived in Mexico. We talked about how the goals we made for ourselves weren't achieved. But as a whole and individually we have grown in so many ways and have accomplished greater things than the goals we originally set.

I'm soo grateful for this experience I have had. I've never had such a growing experience. I left everything, went somewhere with complete strangers. Now I feel like I gained soo much and am here with family. What a great thing! I knew before I came here that I was supposed to be here and now more than ever I feel like i'm where i'm meant to be.

I will be forever grateful I got to come here, have had the host family I have had, that i've been able to be a head teacher, that I met soo many wonderful lifetime friends, that I have strengthened my testimony and learned soo many great life lessons.

Just some thoughts:) Hope you all have a great day!

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