Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back home..things i'm adjusting to

* I can flush toilet paper now and toilets acutally flush really well

*I can drive here and the driving is way less hectic and people don't honk nearly as much

* I keep trying to speak spanish to people here

*church is in English crazy!

* I don't have to constantly wear my shoes around the house

* no cockroaches

* there's grass here and it's really soft and nice grass

* I can drink water from the tap and fridge and whereever

* there are no people making fresh tortillas

* I don't have memelitas or fresh tacos or any of my favorite mexican food

* I don't walk everywhere like I did in mexico

* there's carpet here!

* I can blow dry and straighten my hair because now I have the tools I need

* The water in the shower works well(in mexico my shower was like a trickel of water)

* I have gluten free bread and I haven't eaten it in soo long that now it makes me kinda sick cause it is so filling

* Stuff costs so much more here

* I can use my card here at stores

* I don't use pesos anymore crazy!

* tv is in english and I have to get used to not watching soap operas

* no one whistles at me here or stares

* people understand everything I say in english

* there's air conditioning here in the cars and houses

* no cobble stone streets or sidewalks

* there aren't fences or walls covering houses or around churches

* no one says buenos dias to me here

* I'm no longer a head teacher which is a crazy adjustment(no more babysitting adults)

* I always have internet and can use my phone like a phone

* I don't see the other teachers daily like I used to and I don't spend hours at the school

* I will be going to a singles ward here again

* I can date!!! I can go on dates and hangout with boys now! In Mexico I couldn't spend time with a boy by myself and I couldn't date at all

* no curfew

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